La Scala Società tra Avvocati
Founded in 1991, La Scala has been serving business clients for over 25 years.
One of Italy’s leading practices for banking and insolvency litigation, the Firm is now also a recognised leader in advising on matters of credit recovery.
Throughout its history, it has both advised companies (on corporate, restructuring, IP and IT, regulatory matters, white-collar crime matters, tax, administrative and utp) and had civil and family law practices.
In 2018 La Scala changes its status from law firm to company limited by shares becaming “La Scala Società tra Avvocati”, as the first of the largest law firm in Italy, seizing opportunities offered by the new Italian law for the market and competition.

In addition to its main office in Milan, the Firm has offices in Rome, Turin, Bologna, Vicenza, Padua and Ancona.
It is a longstanding advisor to the major Italian banking groups, a large number of commercial and industrial enterprises, and a variety of other financial institutions.
Well into its third decade of consistent growth, La Scala owes its success to the close and enduring relationships it has enjoyed with its clients.
La Scala and its advice are especially renowned for its reliability, innovation, integrity and timeliness.

“La Scala has 19 specialised teams, each headed by a partner.
There are 11 support departments with functions such as ma-nagement control, reporting, information technology and knowledge management, all working to make our lawyers as efficient and effective as possible.
We regard teamwork as essential and prioritise our lawyers’ continuing educa-tion and development.
Our lawyers are recruited from a wide variety of backgrounds, both in terms of cultural traditions and personal characteri-stics, and their diversity enriches our Firm.

UniQLegal, società tra avvocati per azioni, è uno studio legale costituito nel dicembre 2019 in joint venture tra Nctm Studio Legale, La Scala Studio Legale e Unicredit s.p.a.
Nasce con una compagine sociale non convenzionale per il mercato italiano (e non solo), che vede la partecipazione, da un lato, di due studi legali di grandi dimensioni, noti per la loro propensione all’innovazione e la spiccata capacità organizzativa e, dall’altro, della più grande banca italiana, per dare origine a una struttura professionale unica.

La Scala Cerved Società tra Avvocati
In 2019 Cerved Group Spa and La Scala established La Scala Cerved, a new law firm specializing in the judicial and extrajudicial management of bank credit. The operation is innovative for the Italian market because it registers for the first time a strategic alliance between an industrial partner and a company limited by shares

Copyright Solution
In 2017, instead, Copyright Solution S.r.l., a joint venture between La Scala and Numerika S.r.l., which – under the Sintonia trademark – combines legal and IT skills at the service of copyright management and related rights.

La Scala Service
In 2015 La Scala established La Scala Service, a 100% owned company dedicated to providing support in the management of bank and financial credits through a series of specialised services, provided in both “end to end” and modular form.