Due Diligence

Investors interested in acquiring NPL portfolios rely on parties equipped with structures and expertise for their analysis, management and disposal, capable of assisting them in all steps of the decision-making and operational processes.

At La Scala, our professionals are qualified to analyse and assess portfolios of non-performing loans and then draw up a business plan indicating recovery methods and timing, both in large-volume projects and those where an ad hoc approach is required. Thanks to a multi-disciplinary approach, we cover every aspect of the process: examining, collecting, inventorying and processing data on receivables and the underlying assets to be disposed of, assessing immovable assets and estimating the timing for the sale of the fixed assets and assessing any restrictions on the assignment of the receivable or the related agreement. We use the latest IT systems for the purpose of assessing and compiling business plans and due diligence reports.

In summary, we handle:

- the due diligence on secured/unsecured loan portfolios

- the setting up and management of the virtual or physical data rooms

- portfolio roll-up activities

- assistance in drafting budgets and business plans