Toogood Society

Since 2013, La Scala has been pursuing a project of cultural education, in particular for its lawyers, focused around the Auditorium it has in Milan, named after Piero Calamandrei.

The project takes its name from a character in the 1867 novel by Anthony Trollope, The Last Chronicle of Barset. Thomas Toogood is a lawyer who successfully resolved a complicated case as a result of his ability to listen, and his attentiveness, wisdom and modesty. He is a model, now as ever, for those whose profession it is to represent interests within a negotiation or a dispute.

The Toogood Society’s work thus looks not just to professional development, but more generally, to the growth of those within the Firm as modern thinkers.


Through the Toogood Society, La Scala has contributed to the establishment of the Diritti, Società, Frontiere (Rights, Societies, Frontiers) series published by Henry Beyle, a firm that combines typographical excellence with a desire to bring long-overlooked texts to new audiences. To date, eleven volumes (by Stuparich, Calamandrei, Buzzati, Brancati-Longanesi, Flaiano, Guanda, Palazzeschi) have been published, and more will follow, generally at six-monthly intervals. For the 250th anniversary of Beccaria’s On Crimes and Punishments, La Scala republished the introduction that Piero Calamandrei wrote for an edition he had edited in 1949. That introduction drew its inspiration from the importance of Beccaria’s book to the Italian Constitution, which had come into force the previous year.

Art Exhibitions

The 2013 exhibition of the works of Mario Francesconi, the Viareggio painter who had not had a show in Milan since 1982, was the first in a long series that La Scala is going to be backing. This reflects the Firm's belief in the essential role the visual arts play in cultural development. We believe that the emotional impact of the visual arts is irreplaceable in the personal growth of individuals.
The plan is to have one exhibition follow another, in a virtually continuous chain.
The exhibitions will also provide a cultural backdrop to the Firm's professional work, and make a special contribution to its lawyers' development and their relationships with clients.

Other cultural initiatives

La Scala's training programme also includes sessions and seminars by eminent Italian intellectuals discussing contemporary issues.
We adhere to the principle that we become more rounded as individuals and more effective as professionals and colleagues when we are stimulated by the arts.