In a dynamic and constantly evolving scenario such as the world of law, it is increasingly important to be able to navigate change, understand its rationale, and stay up-to-date and informed on new developments.

Precisely for this reason, our Group relies on a continuous training and informational programme that it has been providing for over 20 years through IusLetter, the portal for legal updates that was founded and has since grown with us.

IusLetter has a dedicated website, newsletter, podcast channel and app featuring exclusive content and original contributions written directly by the Group's various professionals.

The means of proposing content evolves with time and the needs of our readers: infographics, articles, in-depth reports, videos and podcasts that also leverage a dedicated channel on Spotify.

We have been organising conferences and continuing education courses for years through IusLetter to shed light on the main innovations in the field. That is also the reason behind our decision in 2021 to set up La Scala Formazione, the Group's company for scientific and cultural training and continuing education.

La Scala Formazione may be described as a brand new service of La Scala, and its success is based on a structured curriculum targeted at clients (and among them, especially corporate lawyers) and our professionals.

Founded on the principle of Life Long Learning, La Scala Formazione's programme is based on four cornerstones:

  • specialised training for clients
  • higher education for undergraduates and recent graduates
  • continuing education for the Group’s workforce
  • specialised training for practitioners, mediators and others involved in mediation procedures.

This is supported by instructors who have more than a decade of experience in both the industry and in the training field.

These courses are also innovative in the way they are offered: owing to our robust technological infrastructure, we are able to deliver them via live streaming, on-demand, one-to-one or in-person.

La Scala Formazione's competitive advantage consists in its capacity to co-develop with each stakeholder a bespoke training package, thoroughly tailored in content and highly qualified in one of our specialisation practices.