We have enshrined cultural commitment as one of our core values with an innovative approach compared to most Italian business firms.

Through a detailed programme of events of various kinds, from literature to photography, via painting and debates, we promote, not only to our clients but above all to our professional community, cultural initiatives, firmly believing that only a lawyer and, in general, any worker who is more culturally inspired can not only be a better human being, but also a better professional.

Libero Quotidiano described the Auditorium Piero Calamandrei, the hub of La Scala's cultural events, as “one of the most inspiring venues in Milan”, not only due to the variety of events organised and the prestige of the speakers, but above all due to the atmosphere of sharing and cultural growth, accessible to everyone, that one can experience. To date, 53 culture-related events (literary and cultural debates, book presentations, painting and photography exhibitions) have been organised and over 1,500 participants have attended.


The Toogood Society supports the series “Diritti, Società, Frontiere” by Edizioni Henry Beyle, a Milan-based publishing house that combines the rediscovery of long-forgotten texts with meticulous typographic attention.

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Art Exhibitions

We advocate the essential role of the visual arts in cultural education.

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Cultural Initiatives

Our training programme also includes discussions and meetings with leading cultural figures and great masters on the main topics of current affairs and thought.

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