Who we are

Leadership cannot be improvised.

For over 30 years, we have strived to be a prominent Legal Servicer.

We are innovative in everything we do, commencing from the structure of our law firm.

Values that matter

As a group of over 300 professionals, we are skilled, practical, flexible and rapid.

Our numbers also reflect the quality of the services we offer our clients.

1991 Foundation
26 Partner
200 Legal
20 Manager
100 Staff
19 Specialist team
8 Associated companies
7 Locations
30 MLN of revenue

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Our Model

LaScala Group

We operate through four main companies, three specialised companies and one partnership, in seven locations. We believe in collaboration and new challenges.

La Scala

La Scala was the first limited company amongst the major firms in Italy formed by attorneys.

Today, La Scala is a prominent player in the management of non-performing loans and a recognised leader in credit servicing, litigation and insolvency matters.


It also provides companies and individuals with a comprehensive and integrated range of customised services.

La Scala Cerved

La Scala Cerved is the first strategic alliance between a law firm (La Scala) and an industrial partner (Cerved Group).

La Scala Cerved is a law firm specialising in the litigation and management of in-court and out-of-court recovery of bank loans.


UniQLegal is a unique business entity offering premium legal services to banks and financial institutions in the areas of banking and financial law.

UniQLegal is the first joint venture in the market between a bank – Unicredit – and two law firms: La Scala Società tra Avvocati and Advant NCTM.

La Scala Service

La Scala Service specialises in servicing non-performing loan portfolios.

Wholly owned by La Scala Società tra Avvocati, La Scala Service is also authorised to manage debt collection under Article 115 of the Italian Consolidated Text of Laws on Public Security.

Our specialized Companies

La Scala Formazione

Established as a social enterprise, La Scala Formazione’s services are structured around four core pillars:

  • specialised training for clients;
  • higher education for undergraduates and recent graduates;
  • continuing education for La Scala Group’s workforce;
  • specialised training in mediation procedures.

LegalSoftech is the first equal joint venture of its kind formed by two Italian law firms, La Scala Società tra Avvocati and Advant NCTM, dedicated to managing a strategic asset such as IT.

LegalSoftech addresses the key topics of automation and technological innovation of processes and IT security.

Copyright Solution

In 2017, Copyright Solution S.r.l. was formed as a joint venture between La Scala Società tra Avvocati and Numerika S.r.l., which – under the Sintonia label – provides legal and IT expertise for copyright and related rights management.



Board of Directors of La Scala Società tra Avvocati

Giuseppe La Scala


Marco Pesenti

Vice President

Christian Faggella


Luciana Cipolla


Giuseppe Caputi


General direction

Vittorio Palazzo

General Director

Board of mayors

Angelo Cisotto

Commercialista - Presidente del Collegio

Alberto Ferdinando Michele Acciaro

Commercialista - Sindaco effettivo

Fabrizio Faitelli

Commercialista - Sindaco effettivo