The Toogood Society supports the series “Diritti, Società, Frontiere” by Edizioni Henry Beyle, a Milan-based publishing house that combines the rediscovery of long-forgotten texts with meticulous typographic attention. Eleven volumes have been published so far - by Stuparich, Calamandrei, Buzzati, Brancati - Longanesi, Flaiano, Guanda and Palazzeschi - with others to follow, usually every six months.

In 2014, on the 250th anniversary of Cesare Beccaria's “Dei delitti e delle pene”, La Scala also reprinted the introduction that Piero Calamandrei dedicated to it in 1949 by editing that year’s version of "Le Monnier".

This text reflects the importance of that work for the Italian Constitution, which had just come into force.
Since 2016, the Toogood Society has been steadily collaborating with Ronzani Editore, a prestigious Veneto publishing house of fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

Notably, we first supported the re-edition of the volume edited by Piero Calamendrei “L'Avvocato e Il Segretario di Francesco Sansovino”. Subsequently, we sponsored the publishing project “Monodose. Un grammo di poesia” + “storia della colonna infame”.


Piero Calamandrei

Il mio primo processo

Giani Stuparich

L’assassinio di Winckelmann alla «Locanda Grande» di Trieste

Mario Francesconi