Family Matters and ADR

Family law work requires both the ability to listen and responsive interpersonal skills for dealing with strictly private affairs, as well as sound skills for managing the economic conflicts that are often associated with family conflicts. 

One of the Group's teams is focused exclusively on these matters and assists private individuals to settle their most complex economic affairs: estate, inheritance and corporate. Proven experience and expertise in handling delicate family disputes means that relations between the parties involved can be preserved, the most destructive issues can be prevented, and solutions can be found that meet everyone's interests in accordance with the principles of collaborative practices and mediation and ADR procedures.

We specifically cover matters involving:

- Pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements

- Marriage, separation, divorce, termination of de facto cohabitation

- Minors

- Family assets, family office, agreements on the transfer of equity interests between family members

- Representation and advice in mediation, assisted negotiation and ADR procedures

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